SecureWatch Tutorials

Unlock the value of your SecureWatch access with these instructional videos.

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  • Fundamentals

  • Introduction to SecureWatch

    Introduction to SecureWatch

    Get an overview of the SecureWatch imagery and analytics service.

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  • Imagery catalogs

    Imagery catalogs

    Understand where, how and why imagery is stored within SecureWatch.

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  • Imagery account layers

    Imagery account layers

    Learn how imagery is organized and categorized within SecureWatch.

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  • Web interface

  • Image carousel

    Image carousel

    Increase efficiency by mastering the image carousel within the SecureWatch online interface.

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  • Search toolbar

    Search toolbar

    Find the imagery you're looking for using the search tools within SecureWatch.

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  • Left side panel

    Left side panel

    Access additional tools and information layers via the left side panel within SecureWatch.

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  • Key tools and features

  • Location bookmarks

    Location bookmarks

    Easily jump to your areas of interest again and again by setting up custom bookmarks.

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  • Image alerts

    Image alerts

    Get notified when new images become available that intersect with your area of interest.

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  • Imagery time series

    Imagery time series

    Create a time series using multiple images to easily view change over time.

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  • Introduction to exploit mode

    Introduction to exploit mode

    Produce images on-the-fly based on custom parameters.

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  • Imagery and basemaps

  • Search and filter imagery

    Search and filter imagery

    Learn about advanced ways to search and filter imagery.

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  • Vivid Standard Basemap

    Vivid Standard Basemap

    Access Maxar's Vivid Standard Basemap within SecureWatch. *Available with Premium subscriptions

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  • Submit archive imagery orders

    Submit archive imagery orders

    View and download any image in full resolution by ordering it from the archive to the online image catalog or your user library. *Available with Premium subscriptions

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  • Information layers

  • FocalPoints events layer

    FocalPoints events layer

    View analyst-curated imagery and analysis from global events as they unfold.

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  • PCM change detection layer

    PCM change detection layer

    Zero in on areas of persistent change with global annual persistent change data. *Available with Premium subscriptions

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  • FirstLook events layer

    FirstLook events layer

    Be the first to see imagery of natural disaster and human interest events as they're happening. *Available with Premium subscriptions

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  • Real-life applications

  • Analyze a natural disaster

    Analyze a natural disaster

    Watch as the bookmarks, alerts and compare tools come together to easily analyze the impact of hurricane Michael on Mexico Beach, Florida.

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  • Monitor construction

    Monitor construction

    See how multiple tools come together to monitor development of the Olympic stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea.

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  • Locate areas of heat

    Locate areas of heat

    Search for short-wave infrared images and use exploit mode to quickly find the hotspot of Fagradalsfjall volcano, Iceland.

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