Precision3D Telco Suite

Exquisite details at lower costs, rapid deliveries on a massive scale and consistent quality with global availability.

  • Future-Proof Your Telco Networks

    Future-Proof Your Telco Networks

    Improving radio network deployment ROI through trust-based design with high-resolution, high-accuracy 3D geodata maps to reach a desired confidence target.

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  • Drone Navigation with Precision3D1:35

    Drone Navigation with Precision3D

    With Maxar’s Precision3D, new possibilities for planning, calibration and optimization emerge, bringing superior accuracy at a global scale to safe flight paths.

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  • Future-proof your networks with next-gen 3D geodata

    Future-proof your networks with next-gen 3D geodata

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  • Next-gen 3D Geodata

    Next-gen 3D Geodata

    Successful planning and deployment for 5G will rely on network models that are based on detailed input geodata covering vast market territories, consisting of accurate features—in full 3D.

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  • Precision3D Telco Suite | Santiago, Chile

    Precision3D Telco Suite | Santiago, Chile

    Building vectors, Vegetation vectors, Clutter classes, True Ortho and Terrain data over Santiago, Chile

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  • Enriching Maps

    Enriching Maps

    Get a comprehensive and detailed view of heavily populated and dynamic areas

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  • Precision3D Telco Suite2:45

    Precision3D Telco Suite

    Telecommunications—from regions to urban cores, you need accurate geodata to improve current or plan for tomorrow’s networks.

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  • 3D Maps Calling: Why New Geodata is Powering 5G Deployments

    3D Maps Calling: Why New Geodata is Powering 5G Deployments

    Did you know two of the three tier-1 U.S. mobile operators already use Maxar data for their nationwide 5G deployments?

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  • Precision3D Telco Suite

    Precision3D Telco Suite

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  • Telecommunications Bundle Map

    Telecommunications Bundle Map

    Explore the 3D Telco Suite over Atlanta

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  • Precision3D Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

    Precision3D Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

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  • Precision3D True Ortho

    Precision3D True Ortho

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