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  • MGP Pro Overview

    MGP Pro Overview

    A Maxar® Geospatial Platform (MGP) Pro subscription, formerly SecureWatch, gives you on-demand access to the world’s most recent high-accuracy, high-resolution satellite imagery and analytics.

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  • Geospatial Foundation

    Geospatial Foundation

    Only Maxar provides the trusted geospatial foundation needed for any mission, at any scale.

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  • Precision 3D Registration1:54

    Precision 3D Registration

    P3DR is a software suite designed to automatically georegister imagery against the most accurate 3D foundation.

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  • Precision3D Telco Suite2:45

    Precision3D Telco Suite

    Telecommunications—from regions to urban cores, you need accurate geodata to improve current or plan for tomorrow’s networks.

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  • HD Imagery Overview1:55

    HD Imagery Overview

    An intelligent way to increase the number of pixels in an image.

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  • Rapid Access Overview

    Rapid Access Overview

    Learn how virtual access to Maxar's satellite constellation delivers decision advantage.

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  • Direct Access Overview

    Direct Access Overview

    See how customers get direct access to the Maxar constellation.

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  • WeatherDesk Overview

    WeatherDesk Overview

    Overview of the suite of products offered from WeatherDesk.

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  • Bridging the Gap4:23

    Bridging the Gap

    The Globe in 3D bridges the gap between geo-typical and geo-specific, bringing the training and operational missions together in a seamless environment.

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  • One Seamless Environment3:18

    One Seamless Environment

    Maxar provides real data depicting real places.

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  • Globe in 3D0:42

    Globe in 3D

    With increased capacity and revisit, Maxar will be able to more quickly and accurately generate 3D.

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