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  • Beamed from space. Built for XR.1:05

    Beamed from space. Built for XR.

    Maxar is unifying physical and virtual worlds by providing the trusted geospatial foundation to ground simulations in reality and bring innovation to life. Whether you are powering your augmented real

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  • SYNTH3D: a geospatial digital twin for XR applications by Maxar and blackshark.ai0:59

    SYNTH3D: a geospatial digital twin for XR applications by Maxar and

    To accelerate the creation of augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) experiences, it needs to be easier to enable more location-based precision in AR applications and to develop VR experiences th

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  • #TiltTheMap: Barcelona, Spain1:41

    #TiltTheMap: Barcelona, Spain

    Maxar’s #TiltTheMap series visits Barcelona, Spain for Mobile World Congress, the largest and most influential event for the connectivity ecosystem. Explore the digital twin of this vibrant city in fu

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  • #TiltTheMap: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.0:45

    #TiltTheMap: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.

    Maxar’s #TiltTheMap series partners with Blackshark to explore New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S. Fueled by Maxar’s satellites, our high-resolution commercial imagery is processed with AI to create a digita

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  • Drone Navigation with Precision3D1:35

    Drone Navigation with Precision3D

    With Maxar’s Precision3D, new possibilities for planning, calibration and optimization emerge, bringing superior accuracy at a global scale to safe flight paths.

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  • #TiltTheMap: Ethiopia2:33

    #TiltTheMap: Ethiopia

    Maxar's #TiltTheMap series explores Ethiopia. Behind the dots on a map is the real world. 3D models provide decision-makers and journalists with context they need for hard-to-reach locations.

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  • #TiltTheMap: New York City, U.S.1:24

    #TiltTheMap: New York City, U.S.

    Maxar’s #TiltTheMap series explores New York City, U.S. From our highest quality commercial satellite imagery comes our 3D geodata, for accuracy, insight and exquisite detail.

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  • The Globe In 3D1:53

    The Globe In 3D

    With a continuous feed of the highest quality commercial satellite imagery and our patented 3D technology, only Maxar can build the Globe in 3D—the highest resolution, most accurate representation of

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  • #TiltTheMap: Santiago, Chile1:36

    #TiltTheMap: Santiago, Chile

    Maxar’s #TiltTheMap series explores Santiago, Chile. Our realistic, immersive 3D model—built from commercial satellite imagery—depicts one of the largest cities in the Americas: the financial and indu

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  • Maxar: Get the Whole Picture1:06

    Maxar: Get the Whole Picture

    Some situations require a complete picture, a view of the world the way it really is, in fully immersive 3D.

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  • #TiltTheMap: Faroe Islands2:17

    #TiltTheMap: Faroe Islands

    Maxar’s #TiltTheMap series explores the Faroe Islands in fully immersive 3D.

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  • Bridging the Gap4:23

    Bridging the Gap

    The Globe in 3D bridges the gap between geo-typical and geo-specific, bringing the training and operational missions together in a seamless environment.

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  • Globe in 3D0:42

    Globe in 3D

    With increased capacity and revisit, Maxar will be able to more quickly and accurately generate 3D.

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  • Precision 3D Registration1:54

    Precision 3D Registration

    P3DR is a software suite designed to automatically georegister imagery against the most accurate 3D foundation.

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  • Precision3D Telco Suite2:45

    Precision3D Telco Suite

    Telecommunications—from regions to urban cores, you need accurate geodata to improve current or plan for tomorrow’s networks.

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  • One Seamless Environment3:18

    One Seamless Environment

    Maxar provides real data depicting real places.

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  • 3D Mission Rehearsal1:35

    3D Mission Rehearsal

    Maxar brings this precision to military targeting and mission rehearsal with 3D satellite imagery.

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  • The Future of Maps2:04

    The Future of Maps

    Maxar is taking maps to the next level, a revolution in cartography.

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  • #TiltTheMap: The Arctic1:10

    #TiltTheMap: The Arctic

    Maxar’s #TiltTheMap series explores above the 66th parallel north.

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  • #TiltTheMap: Highest Peaks1:00

    #TiltTheMap: Highest Peaks

    Maxar’s #TiltTheMap series explores the world’s highest peaks.

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